Date:January 29, 2019

Borghese Real Estate sells first part transformation project ‘High Park’

Today Vastgoedmarkt and PropertyNL paid attention to the transformation of the former ING office at Velperweg in Arnhem. Borghese Real Estate is developing a new residential area called ‘High Park’. The complex, consisting of 3 former office buildings, will be partially demolished before a total of approximately 500 apartments will be realized. In addition to the rental and purchase apartments, a commercial plinth and possibly a supermarket will be realized. Borghese Real Estate and Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance have concluded a turn-key agreement on the realization of 203 rental apartments within the so-called ‘Kruisgebouw’.

The transformation of the project is progressing well. The East and the ‘Kruisgebouw’ have largely been stripped and the former North and West buildings have been completely demolished. The transformation of specifically the ‘Kruisgebouw’ is now also clearly visible externally. Since November, all old façade panels have been removed. As a result, the Kruisgebouw has been given an almost complete airframe. Contractor Klok Groep has installed at the construction site and has started the first (re) construction work.

Click here for the entire article that appeared in Vastgoedmarkt today and click here for more information about this project.