Date:May 07, 2019

Staedion, Borghese and COD signed intention agreement for social housing Maanplein

Staedion has signed the intention agreement with Borghese Real Estate and COD for the purchase of 164 social rental properties located on Maanplein. The Maanplein is located in the Binckhorst that is transforming from a business park into an attractive modern mixed area for living, working and with facilities.

Around 5,000 homes will be built in Binckhorst in the coming years. Staedion wants to be the first corporation to make a contribution to this with the realization of 164 social rental properties. The development is in line with the policy of the municipality of De Haag to build for different target groups.

The residential building is realized on the corner of the Maanweg and the Regulusweg and with its height of 50 meters it is a real eye-catcher and therefore the entrance to the Binckhorst. The houses consist of spacious three-room apartments. The plinth has room for approximately 150 m² of social facilities.

The expectation is that construction can start at the end of 2019.

Borghese Real Estate and COD transform the 80,000 m² office complex on the Maanplein into a dynamic and attractive living and working area with around 600 to 700 homes and 50,000 m² of innovative office concepts, hospitality and facilities.

About Staedion
Staedion owns one in seven homes in Den Haag. As a housing association, Staedion rents out more than 36,000 homes and 6,300 other objects such as shops, business premises and parking spaces in Den Haag. Staedion offers affordable housing for people with a vulnerable position in the housing market with a view to safe and good living. Our mission is to make our own home accessible with our residents. We cannot do that alone. We work on a pleasant living environment together with the residents and our (social) partners.

About Borghese Real Estate
Borghese Real Estate realizes a variety of real estate in the Netherlands. She acts as a business partner for the development of offices, hotels, homes or buildings for wholesale and retail trade. Her signature is future-proofing: realizing buildings that also matter in the long term. Other Borghese projects include High Park with 395 homes in Arnhem, Het IJland with 271 homes in Amsterdam and the Zernike Tower with 700 student homes in Groningen.

About COD
COD is a creative real estate developer that focuses on both new construction and redevelopment of hotels, offices and homes. COD has delivered and is developing various unique projects. Other COD projects are De Werf with 950 homes in Amsterdam and the Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel with 650 rooms.