Projecten - Housing

Date:September 20, 2018

Bethelpark, Delft

Bethelpark stands for urban living in the park with all facilities. Functional and comfortable living is an important focus of this project.

A special feature of the Bethelpark site, which is being built on a two-hectare site, is that it borders on one side an urban environment with the square and the Reinier de Graaf weg and on the other side a beautiful ecological green area. This special diversity makes Bethelpark so attractive for different target groups. And to meet all the needs of the different target groups Bethelpark offers an extensive and very mixed residential program. The range of a total of 300 to 350 energy-efficient homes consists of a mix of social rental housing, free sector rental housing and owner-occupied housing. In addition, there is the choice between apartments and single-family homes. For both, they are built in a green, park-like environment that borders an ecological zone.

Parking is realized under a living deck. In the plinth of the buildings on the square with the Reinier de Graaf hospital there is space for small offices and facilities.