Date:November 16, 2017

Borghese Real Estate wins Gouden Bouwhelm

Borghese Real Estate and COD have won the “Gouden Bouwhelm”. The prize, created by Capital Value (specialist in the residential investment market), is an appreciation for the most innovative developer in the residential investment market. The prize was provided during a dinner for developers in Utrecht and was received by Enno Otten and Gert Wim Bos on behalf of Borghese and COD.

Marijn Snijders, director Capital Value: “There are too few homes built. By this prize we want to give attention to developers who make a positive contribution to reducing the shortcoming in the housing market. Borghese and COD started last year with a large number of new construction and redevelopment projects, both in the social rental segment and in the mid-market segment.”

Borghese and COD are currently realizing a large number of projects spread across the Netherlands with 4.000 rental homes including Amsterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.