Date:June 26, 2019

Residential building ‘High Park’, Arnhem

On a very prominent location at the Velperweg on the edge of the Klarendal district is ING’s former office complex that is transformed into a residential building called “High Park”.

The complex, comprising three office buildings, partly demolished before realized approximately 395 apartments. In the Cross Building realized approximately 285 rental apartments. The plinth beneath the main house, two hospitality pavilions and possibly a supermarket get realised. In the East Building on the floor about 70 rental apartments get realized. In the plinth several commercial premises get realised. The West building to be demolished is a new residential complex wich containing approximately 40 sale apartments.

The purchase transaction was led by CMS Derksen Star Busman. It was designed by Powerhouse Company Architecture. And the contractor is Klok Groep, Nijmegen.

For information about the apartments, please click here.