• Fascinated by buildings
    Beautiful buildings, which can also withstand the test of time: achieving that is what drives us at Borghese Real Estate.
  • Future-proof buildings
    Our signature is future-proof: creating buildings that matter in the long run.
  • Short lines, quick turnaround
    We strive to be easily accessible so that you will remain fully involved in your project from the beginning.
  • From concept to completion
    With our experienced team we realize your projects from concept to completion. We deliver custom-made solutions and can react quickly.

Borghese as a business partner

  • We’d love to apply our experience to your questions. For that we can rely on a foundation in developing as well as building. Borghese Real Estate integrates these disciplines through their own construction company. This way, we can keep the prices down and the buildings in the best condition, with the greatest return.
    Enno Otten, Director Borghese Real Estate