Date:February 09, 2018

Official start transformation former ING office Arnhem

The former ING office at Velperweg in Arnhem is being transformed into a beautiful place to live! After a long time of preparation and demolition, we will soon start building what was celebrated on location on 7 February.

The concrete colossus will be dismantled in the coming months, until only the carcass is still there. The lower buildings under the high main building will disappear. Only the part to the east of it, opposite the office of Teijin, remains. New buildings will be built at the Velperweg-Hoflaan corner.

Eventually, a total of around 540 homes will be realized. Especially rent, but also about owner-occupied apartments (on the upper floors) is being considered.

Together with all involved we had, on location at the building, a toast to this unique project and the special transformation that this building will receive in the coming years. With a red button that symbolizes the official start of the reconstruction of the building that was pressed by Alderman Geert Ritsema.

For a short film about the history and transformation of the former ING branch; click here.