Date:July 10, 2018

Borghese celebrates its 20-year jubilee in Oslo

20 years Borghese; a beautiful milestone in the career of our company!

At 10 years we thought we had achieved a lot, at 15 years we thought that again and again we have been able to take giant steps in the growth of our team and in the projects that we have realized and are still able to realize . A tradition is to celebrate our milestones in a special city.

At the end of June 2018 we were with the whole team in Oslo. A city with a rich history, but also with many special new developments. Accompanied by two architects we were taken to Fornebu: a redevelopment of former airport, Nydalen, Aker Brygge with the waterfront development area and the famous Bar Code project. The walk on the roof of the Opera building, a large sloping surface with a panoramic view of the Oslofjord, was very special. Culinary relaxation we had with nice lunches and special dinners.

We all have an unforgettable journey that has given us wonderful memories.