Date:November 08, 2017

Borghese Real Estate and COD start redevelopment Maanplein De Haag

Today, Alderman Boudewijn Revis (urban development core areas) gave the official starting point for the redevelopment of the KPN complex at the Maanplein in Den Haag. Borghese Real Estate and COD transform the 80,000 m² office complex at De Binckhorst into a dynamic and attractive residential area with approximately 600 to 700 homes and 35,000 m² of innovative office concepts, catering, retail and leisure.

Boudewijn Revis: “The Binckhorst is an important city center for Den Haag. Step by step, the surprising side of the center of Den Haag turns into an attractive living environment where nature and a well-equipped outdoor area greatly improves the attractiveness of the area. ”

Transformation of offices to homes
Meanwhile, the transformation of six offices has begun to 246 free sector rental homes, 20 social housing and three commercial areas. The buildings get a completely new look through new balconies and terraces. The gardens and spaces between the buildings are being redecorated. The high-quality houses with a surface area of around 60 to 130 m² have more than 3 meters of high ceilings. All homes have their own parking space and storage room. The residents can use ‘conceptservice James’, an online “personal assistant”, to arrange daily business from dry cleaning to receiving packages and turning on a nanny or jobman. The apartments are expected to be delivered between April and August 2018. INBO, TConcepT and Delta Vorm Groep take care of the design of buildings and public space. Contractor is Pleijsier Bouw. The properties are taken turnkey by Amvest, on behalf of one of its institutional clients.

Start rental
Next Saturday, 11 November, the rental of the first homes starts. There have already been more than 1,000 interested. Interested parties can still register on the site Verwey and TW3 take care of the rental of the property on behalf of Amvest.

In the coming years, KPN will retreat from the Maanplein. Borghese and COD will gradually transform these vacant properties into contemporary offices and homes. There is also room for new construction. The head office of KPN remains on the Maanplein.

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