Date:October 24, 2019

HighPark in the news about transformation homes

New figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics show that more and more homes are being built in vacant hospitals, barracks or office buildings. But the number of transformations is falling, because there are fewer and fewer suitable buildings to transform. And because of the economic growth, the office function, especially in the Randstad, competes with the residential function.

Last year, 13,000 new homes were added as a result of transformation, the CBS reports. Transformation homes form a substantial part of the total growth of the housing supply. Nearly 14 percent of all the homes that were added in 2018 were transformation homes.

These figures and developments in the real estate market were the reason for the NOS Journaal to visit our HighPark project in Arnhem and to talk to Enno Otten about the transformation of the old Post-Giro office into 281 high-quality homes.

The item was broadcasted in the NOS News from 6 pm and 8 pm on 23 October, the excerpt starts from 3:40 pm. Click here to watch the broadcast again.

NPO Radio 1 also paid attention to this topic, they spoke to Maikel Withaar about this. The conversation he had with the radio can be heard here.