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Date:September 03, 2019

Hotel ‘Breeze’, Amsterdam

The first nearly zero energy hotel in the Netherlands has been developed on the banks of the IJmeer, in the Havenkwartier in Amsterdam IJburg. This 36 meter high hotel, called “Breeze”, consists of 198 hotel rooms, a restaurant, sky bar and fitness. The design of this hotel is fully in line with sustainable eco-technology and has since been fully put into use.

Hotel Breeze is the first smart high-tech hotel with a very high sustainability ambition. The hotel is a so-called nearly zero energy building based on the Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) concept. The combination of clever use of the natural elements of sun, wind, water and earth means that the hotel can largely provide itself with energy, heating and cooling.

The most important elements of the EWF concept are the solar panels on the facade and roof, the climate cascade, the solar chimney and the power facade. The climate cascade works like a natural heat exchanger, so it provides cooling, humidification and cleaning of the air. The south facing sun chimney is a shaft in which the solar heat is harvested to heat the building and the tap water. This solar chimney also provides ventilation. The sustainable power façade with photovoltaic cells on the facade and the roof provides green electricity. The architecture thus displays a sleek and modern character.

In addition, the hotel will be designed as sustainably as possible, for example through the use of water and energy-saving devices and facilities. The application of the EWF concept not only ensures the optimum generation of green energy, but it also creates pleasant hotel rooms and business spaces in Hotel Breeze. In short: the sustainability of this hotel stimulates all the senses!

The development of the Hotel “Breeze” is a collaboration between the Dutch Green Company and Borghese Real Estate.