Date:June 21, 2018

Our move is soon!

We are already busy preparing for our move to our beautiful office at the Arkerpoort in Nijkerk. This will take place in two months. The completion work is currently in full swing. Which means, for example, that the impressive staircase has been placed in the central hall, the outside façade is finished and the green façades are installed both inside and outside. We will soon start with the layout of the outdoor area, which is fully in line with the building. For example, the materials concrete and wood are also used outdoors and we make a comfortable place there.

That our office is sustainable is a matter of course for us. This gives us a BREEAM-Outstanding certificate, the highest score when it comes to sustainable buildings, which is partly because our office is completely gas-free. But our office also receives a Well ‘Gold’ certificate, which means that it is an extremely healthy building for our people to work. In short: with both certificates, we work not only for the world of today, but also for the future. And we are proud of that!