Date:March 28, 2017

Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate build sustainable office building along the A28

Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate build together a new sustainable office building with a high-quality appearance on business area De Arkerpoort, Nijkerk. On Friday, March 17th Winno and Robert Pleijsier signed the purchase agreement with the municipality of Nijkerk with alderman Mrs P.M.C. van Loozen.

The desire of Pleijsier and Borghese is a clear and transparent building along the A28 which is clearly visible. The building may be slightly different. MIES Architectuur designed a dynamic building. The continuous lines with overhangs captures the “flying rooms” of various levels on. We use specific materials and the property is situated conveniently. Therefore we go for “outstanding”, the highest rating in the BREEAM certification.

We will start in mid-2017 with the construction. Pleijsier Bouw, Borghese Real Estate and Borghese Logistics will open the building in early 2018.