Date:August 29, 2018

Proud of our beautiful new office in Nijkerk

From Monday, August 20th, we are working from our beautiful new office at the Arkerpoort 2 in Nijkerk. After an intensive time of designing and building, a very nice period of decorating and a tough move we are up and running again. And how! With a beautiful view and good accessibility for our visitors. Because we are now on view location along the A28 in Nijkerk, very close to the motorway exit with parking in front of the door.

That our office is beautiful and therefore an inspiring place to work is important to us. But that our office meets all the requirements that are set for offices in the future may be even more important to us. We receive a BREEAM-Outstanding certificate, which means that we get the highest score when it comes to sustainable buildings, which is also because the building is completely gas-free. We also receive a Well ‘Gold’ certificate, because we have set up an extremely healthy building to work in with pleasant outdoor space. We hope for a nice late summer where we can meet outside and have lunch!

In short: we are extremely proud of our new office that gives us positive energy. We hope to share this with you. We continue. Steadfast where necessary. And always with pleasure!