Date:October 24, 2017

Residential building ‘De Reus’ continues under the new name ‘High Park’

On a very prominent location on the Velperweg in Arnhem, on the edge of the Klarendal district, is ING’s former office complex. This existing building gets a completely new face. The layout of the plan remains the same, however, the entire facade will be renewed. Above the first impressions, what the building looks like after completion. New appearance also includes a new project name. Therefor we continue with a new name: ‘High Park’.

On November 1, 2017 we will start with the remediation of asbestos and the demolition. Once this is completed we start building.

Click here for the ‘High Park’ facebook page. On this page we will keep you informed of the plans, events and activities. Or look for more information on the properties on the project website: