Date:September 06, 2018

The transformation of the ‘High Park’ project

The transformation of the “Kruisgebouw”, part of the ‘High Park’ project in Arnhem, started in 2017 and the demolition goes fast. Demolition expert Beelen installed her impressive tower crane for this purpose on the Velperweg site last week. As a result, the transformation will soon become even more visible externally. With the help of the tower crane, all old façade panels are removed so that there is (temporarily) a complete hull of the “Kruisgebouw”. Contractor Klok then installs all new façade panels with the same tower crane. As a result, the “Kruisgebouw” will be transformed in a short time to a contemporary and high-quality building with allure. In addition to replacing the façade panels, it was recently decided to (re) use the existing thermal storage systems in the building. This choice will create a more contemporary building that fully meets the current comfort and sustainability requirements.

Borghese realizes 289 owner-occupied and rental apartments in the “Kruisgebouw” with a commercial space underneath, including a supermarket. The apartments for sale are very high quality and are situated on floors ten to fifteen. It will be a diverse range with a number of unique penthouses, but also with smaller apartments for example starters in the housing market. The rental apartments are located on floors three to nine. All apartments vary in size from around fifty to one hundred and fifty square meters and have their own outdoor space with breathtaking views over Arnhem.

The apartments are expected to be delivered in the second part of 2020, so that tenants and buyers can live in this beautiful building before 2021.

Click here for a beautiful video from the imposing tower crane of demolition expert Beelen.